Saeed and Abdullah are two experienced entrepreneurs in the areas of; Architectural Eng., Real estate Investments consultancy, Building Construction, Property Evaluations and Finance Guidance through local banks. Together, they would achieve their objectives sooner. Both share; vision, knowledge, resources and interests. This partnership has increased the size strength and scope of business which may open up other opportunities way down in the near future.
Saeed Al Hemeiri:
Saeed is an experienced talented Businessman with a vision. With a Computer Engineering background from the United States and holds Masters Degree in Business Administration, MBA. As a chairman of Land Mark, he directs his team to offer a professional high quality services to its investors/clients. He is considered innovative, punctual and role-model. Saeed is considered a strategic thinker with high capability of planning, leading and controlling.
Abdullah Al Balushi:
Abdullah supports Saeed in executing companies’ vision, objectives and interests. Abdullah graduated with a Bachelor of Business Management with extensive banking background. As a CEO of Land Mark, he is an experienced successful real-estate investor in Oman. Furthermore, Abdullah is dedicated, energetic to supervise Land Mark team to complete their quality of work on time. Abdullah has good charisma, well trusted and gains the respect of Land Mark clients.