Land Mark has the proficiency, talent and know-how within Oman Region to present truthful Property evaluations for a variety of property types including; residential, commercial, development plots, buildings, warehouses and industrial growth. We conduct site visits to study plot location and surroundings. Furthermore, write Evaluation Property Report which contains the following:
1- Property type.
2- Property Description.
3- Plot details.
4- Purpose of Evaluation.
5- Rental estimation.
6- Property Estimation as per market prize.
7- Indicate public utilities & facilities for the property.
8- Ownership papers.
9- Visit pictures (3D views).
10- Internal views.
Land Mark International provides property evaluation report for the following reasons:
1- Advance Financing
2- Real Estate Development Assessment.
3- Bookkeeping/Auditing.
4- Lawsuits.
5- Mergers and Acquisitions.
6- Corporate Portfolio.
7- Insurance.
8- Renting /Selling /Buying Purposes.
9- Zakat.
10- Shares of Inheritance.