Land Mark International offers ONE STOP services to its Investors/clients in the areas of; Architectural Eng., Real estate Investments consultancy, Building Construction, Property Evaluations and Finance Guidance. We present a complete selection of Development, Building Design and Construction. Furthermore, Land Mark assists to acquire funding from the local banks to sponsor their real-estate investments and the know-how to build and sustain excellent relationship for future affiliation.
In details, the services would cover the following:
A. Engineering:
1- Architectural.
2- 3D Modeling.
3- Cost Estimation and Budget Analysis.
4- Preparing Tender of documents.
5- Preparing Bill of Quantity and Specifications.
6- Building Services.
7- Suggesting Quality Materials.
B. Real-estate:
1- Site Searching and Selection.
2- Site Evaluation.
3- Business Development.
4- Property Evaluation (see next page)
5- Property Selling.
6- Property Management.
B. Finance:
1. Financial Guidance in real-estate market